I shoot food

The Art of Food Photography

A feast for the eyes. Awesome food photography should combine composition, colours and textures to create an overwhelming desire for that food. When I look at food photography, I want to be seduced. So much so, that I can almost taste the food through my eyes.

The question is, how is this achieved and what needs to be done to produce these mouth-watering images? I have spent the last five years doing exactly that. Pulling together a mix of new and old tricks from leading advertising agencies. Honing in my unique lighting techniques and understanding colours and composition that will attract your viewer’s attention.

I am now working with a bunch of world-class food lovers and producers, collaborating on campaigns, press and editorial pieces.


Inspiring Hotel Photography

Hospitality Photography

Shooting Hospitality gives me such a buzz…

I have been lucky enough to shoot some truly beautiful homes, hotels and spas over the years. However, I am hungry for more and would like to hear from you. My love for graphic composition can be seen throughout all my work. Pairing this with creative lighting and the right time of day can make for some truly magical shots.


Creating seamless style and distinguishing design for your brand

In a world where visual creativity plays such a key role within different brands, finding the right commercial photographer to help sculpture your brand’s image can be a daunting task.

I offer a very personal service that works with you to create new and inspirational imagery to use for promotional purposes.

Over the years I have helped to art direct various commercial photoshoots. Developing the overall look or style of a publication/advertising campaign. Time and time again, businesses have photography done without a definitive direction. This often renders the images produced, useless when trying to use them for promotional purposes. Thanks to modern technology we can see live on set how image and copy work together, making for a better promotional artwork.

I specialize in Hospitality photography, Food photography, and Interior photography.

Every brand has a story to tell, so let’s tell yours together!

  • "
    Elliott offers a relaxed, professional and efficient service that I would not hesitate in using again and indeed recommending to others. His personality is one that puts the client at perfect ease.
    - Neil, General Manager
    What my clients have to say...
  • "
    Elliott is a fantastic photographer, who is an absolute pleasure to work with.
    We have worked together on quite a few different projects after he was recommended to me by Pixel Rain. I now find myself constantly recommending him to other people, confident that they will be as pleased with the results as I have been. We have put him to work in some relatively extreme conditions in Cornwall, Yurts so hot it is like being in a sauna, and outside in the bitter cold for long arduous hours. He constantly has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He really gets to the heart of the product and what we are trying to achieve for the brand. I hope to continue to work with him for many years to come
    - Lyssa, Marketing, Anevay
    What my clients have to say...
  • "
    Elliott's work is so natural and authentic, perfect for shooting our interior projects. Would recommend Elliott to anyone who wants beautiful shots which show their interior design in the best possible light. His eye for detail and technical approach to lighting really transforms the look and feel of the space he is shooting. Great work Elliott!
    - Tracey, Interior Designer
    What my clients have to say...
  • "
    As senior marketing executive at Cornish Gems, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Elliott for the past 2.5 years. His professionalism and attention to detail shines through every image and his creative flair helps to add the holiday highlife ambiance to our property galleries. I would thoroughly recommend Elliott's unique style and pro-active approach for any interior photography project.
    - Jen Morgan, Cornish Gems
    What my clients have to say...