Creating irresistible images

Not just a food photographer

Whether it’s rustic charm or a more minimalist approach to your branding, my photography focuses on capturing the natural beauty, textures, and colours of your products and recipes.

I have worked as a leading food photographer in Cornwall for the past 5 years, developing my style and approach to shooting and styling food photography. I work with companies such as Warrens Bakery, Fuel 10K, I Am Super Food, and Truffle Hunter, to name a few.

During my time working as a food photographer I have spent endless hours styling and dressing food, collaborating with chefs, art directors, and designers.

My studio’s stock room is kitted out with food photography in mind. With an ever-expanding array of boards, utensils, crockery and handmade props.

Driven by the challenges of food photography I have adapted an eye for detail when it comes to styling food. Team this with the perfect lighting set-up, and your product images will be second to none. No project is the same, and that’s what I love about food photography. I have a wide range of tips and tricks to help ensure I capture the image you’re after!

Food and packaging photography

I specialize in making food and packaging look sexy. For manufacturers, there’s no better way to entice customers, than visual imagery. In recent years of social media, food photography has exploded and created an obsession for sharing what’s on everybody’s plate. Subtle product placement allows your products to get out, influencing people’s meal plans and creating a sea of hungry bellies.

Pub and Restaurant Photography